Empty Arms —- Heavy Load

It is so easy to become discouraged at times; especially during times like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day when it seems as though everyone else is joyously celebrating their parenthood and you are not quite sure where that leaves you and where you “fit in”. Discouragement comes when our prayers go seemingly unanswered. Every moment that passes without an answer is more painful than the last. This is the moment when we have to be careful; the moment we need to protect our hearts, protect our spirit with the Word of God. This is the moment where fear begins to creep in and faith begins to slip away. It is at this place where we begin to focus solely on our hearts desire; our destination and take our eyes off Christ and the destination that He has already laid out for our lives. Don’t let Satan strip you of your faith and allow you to shift your focus off Christ. God has already determined your future and has only good things planned for you if you hold steady and faint not.

Let my cry come near before thee, O Lord: give me understanding according to thy word.

Psalm 119:169

Editors Note:  Mary has a ministry to those struggling with infertility. Her blog, Threads4hope, will be linked to this site shortly.