10 Things I Feel Strongly About.

This note today is in response to someone who asked me to list a bunch of stuff about myself. It is hard for me but I can easily talk about things that are important to me instead.

1) The Message of the Cross is important to me and I feel very strongly about it because in 1981 God saved me from a life of drug addiction, alcohol, and ambitions to make it “big” in the country music world. Jesus Christ saved my soul from Hell because He died and shed His blood on the Cross. This is the only message that is truth. Salvation and Sanctification by faith in the finished work of Christ upon the cross..

2)Fulfilling the call of God on my heart and life is something I feel very strongly about. When I first got saved there were many times when even my own family did not understand nor approve of some of the things I felt called to give up in order to get where God wanted me to be.But none of that matters. I must obey only the Lord. Now, all these many years later, every member of my immeadiate family has given their hearts to Christ. Stay faithful.

3) My marriage is something I am passionate about. Angie and I have been through alot together and we are best friends. Helping others to see that they can make it in their marriages if both partners will meet at the cross, is something I am committed too. Jesus Christ can heal any marriage if both partners will meet Him at the cross.

4) keeping our Christian heritage alive and vibrant for the next generation is something I wish to be deeply involved in.. The youth are our future leaders and we need to invest in them spiritually as well as in other ways.. This is why I urge the church to repent of apostasy and get back to a pure Christian message; Jesus Christ and Him Crucified.

5) Living a prudent and simple life is close to my heart. I recoil at excessive and extravagant lifestyles of some in the ministry.I believe God wants to bless us to be a blessing. Not to hoard everything for ourselves.

6) I detest the wasting of food. My wife and I are active with several missionaries feeding people in foreign lands, who barely have enough to live on while we throw enough in dumpsters to easily feed the world. Shame on us. My Dad always taught not to let my eyes be bigger than my belly. And I add to that, do not be a belly creature… Do not let your stomach dictate your life and do not live for your fleshly appetites.

7) I want to make doubly certain that Jesus receives ALL the glory for anything accomplished in and through my short life here on earth. Everyday, going to the cross to lay down to the death any ego, pride, self,etc… that could possibly rob Him of His glory. This may sound simple but oh boy, what a struggle some days.

8) trying to be understanding of others who are in this sanctification process at various different levels and not being too critical of them is a challenge I face every day. We all have a long way to go to get where God wants us to be and as long as you believe it is all by faith and grace; that Jesus accomplished it at the cross; we can walk together. None of us need grace because we are perfect. We all need grace because we are not.

9) Giving to the true work of the Lord is something I am passionate about. God loves a cheerful giver. God wants us to help whenever we can and to share what we have with those less fortunate, as He enables.

10) Making the most of every precious moment of life on earth.. LIFE IS SHORT BUT ETERNITY IS LONG……Love someone today who is unlovable.. Take the time to enjoy the mountains, lakes, forests,rivers,and cities… Smell the roses so to speak… Every rose has a thorn but the sure smell sweet and are beautiful. So is life in Jesus Christ.

I know this doesn’t answer your question but it is a little bit of my heart……