“And they Murmured”

The Bible says a lot about murmuring and complaining & the results of doing this. We look at the children of Israel and the disciples and we think how could they complain or doubt God. They saw the mighty miracles first hand. They walked with the one who brought them out of darkness. God provided for them in many ways. But every time something happened that might seem like a rough road they started to murmur and complain. Are we any different today. God has brought us out of a life of guilt and shame. He has given us hope and eternal life, yet when the hard times come we start complaining that it is not enough or it does not meet our expectations.

Many times the children of Israel looked back to Egypt (a type of the world) & started to murmur. They felt they had it good there, better than where they were at the time they began to murmur. They forgot the oppression, the Lack, the bondage, & the lash of the taskmaster that they had. Satan will always glorify the past as if it were some great thing. We watch movies and read love stories with happy endings and we deceive ourselves into thinking that our past was better than it really was. We were alone and had no hope without God!!

If we are not happy with the present we will glorify the past and start complaining about where we are. God is not happy with this. Being dissatisfied with what the Lord has provided leds to unbelief. Muttering of discontentment causes you to start doubting God’s word. (complaining hinders Faith)

Why meditate while continuing to let the dissatisfied heart continue to come out. When we are dissatisfied we start talking & focusing on that thing that bothers us. We must cast our cares on Him, focus on Him, Look to him, be thankful that we can go to him. He knows the end from the beginning. He has the answers. He knows how to get you through whatever situation you are in.

Murmuring breeds rebellious feelings, discontentment, disapproval, an unsatisfied heart, one who is not satisfied with what God is doing in their live and heart.

John 6:61 the disciples murmured
Ex 16:7-9 Your murmuring is not against man, but God.
Ex 15:24; 16:2
Num 11:1; 14:27

Phil 2:14 Do all things without grumbling & fault finding & complaining [against God] & questioning & doubting [among yourselves]

Matt 20:11 Jn 6:61 Mark 14:4 & 5 Ps 106:25,26 Jude 16 Is 29:23,24
Prov 19:3 I Cor 10:10

John 6: 43 Murmur not among yourselves… DO NOT bring others into your murmuring.

Remember where the Lord has brought you from. Don’t look at the things of this world. The things that are going on in you and around you do not have to cause you to murmur and complain. You can look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith and can know that He has all things under control. He is not worried about what is happening to you or around you. He is the all mighty and He will accomplish in you what he has started. So when things do not seem to be what you want them to be, wait on the Lord and see His salvation and His deliverance!!!!