Prayer For Today

Dear Lord only you knowwhat each day will bring.

Only you know

which path our feet should take.

Only you can bring us through,

when we finally figure out,

foolishly, we have chose the wrong way.


The path ahead lies cold and dim…

I need your light so I might see,

though dark and foggy, it may be.

Let me feel thy holy presence guiding me.

Through the valleys

and over the mountain tops,

we have already been

just you and I,

my faithful friend.


You’ve given me grace for every need.

You’ve answered my prayers and set me free.

Go with me Lord again today.

Give me strength to hope and pray.

When I fail thee…

Forgive me Lord and hear my plea.


I need you Lord,

I can not make it all alone…

My failing strength has come and gone.

I do not pray for tomorrow

or the evil it may bring.

I simply pray for today

and to your blessings, tighter cling.

Help me God to always say,

Thank You Lord, for everything!


Poetry, Prayer & Photography By: Janet Charleine Wilson Fenn