“Through Many Dangers,Toils And Snares” How The Cross Saved My Life !!!!

I Was Raised In A Very Strict Pentecostal Family, I Was Raised In Church, And Learned About The Gospel From Birth Almost, I Heard The Audible Voice Of God As A Child, While Playing In My Grandma’s Back Yard, And The Lord Spoke To Me, One Day I Would Preach His Gospel Around The World, And I Learned To Seek God And Fast And Pray At A Young Age, I Went On My First Fast At 11 Years Old, A Full No Food Fast For 3 Days, I Preached My First Sermon At 11 Years Old In A Gospel Tent In Brownwood Tx, For A Well Known Evangelist, And I Had A Zeal And A Fire And Love For Jesus Christ And The Gospel, But Through Out My Life And Walk With God, I Struggled With Sin, And Failure, Depression And Weakness, No Matter How Dedicated And Devoted I Would Be, I Would Struggle, My Family Would And Could Testify Of The Countless Hours And Days I Spent Locked In A Room Reading The Bible And Praying, By The Time I Was 20 I Had Over 100 Note Pads Full Of Sermons And Notes, That Were My Own Writings And Revelations From The Word Of God,And I Had Been Devoted Like That For Years In Prayer And Study Of he Word, In Fastings Often, I Preached In Basements, Nursing Homes, Radio,Street Corners, Churches, Tents, Libraries, Garages, Parks, Lakes, Missons, Where Ever You Could Hold A Meeting I Held One, By The Time I Was 25 I Had Preached Countless Sermons And Messages And Meetings, Had A Great Study Life And Prayer Life, Fasted Continuious,Seen Alchaholics And Drug Addicts Deliverede, Ad Seen The Sick Healed, And God Do Mighty Things,But Even In All That I Struggled In My Walk With God, And In 2005 At 25 Years Old, I Was In Ministry, But I Begin To Fall Into Deep Depression, Lust And Sin, And Felt Utterly Hopeless, I Would Cry Out To God, And Pray And Beg For is Mercy And Hope, But I Felt Hopeless, Lost And Confused, I Remember Praying In Tears In 2005 Saying, God I Dont Understand, Whats Wrong With Me ? Why Cant I Serve You ? God Sent A Brother Who Is Used In Prophecy To Give Me A Word, He Said God Is Going To Answer The Questions And The Things You Dont Understand, But I Begin To Slip Into Heavy Drinking, And Even Use Of Marijaunna And Cocaine, I Battled Constant Thoughts Of Suicide,The Whole Time, I Would Cry Out For Deliverance, But In 2006 God Gave Me The Answer, My Aunt Had Turned Me On To Brother Jimmy Swaggarts Dvd Series On The Book Of Romans, And Sanctafication By Faith In The Cross, And At The Same Time I Was Reading Martin Luthers Commentary On Romans 5,  And I Begin To See How The Cross And Our Faith In It, Was The Answer To The Issue Of Weakness And Sin, And The Struggle Of Faith, Up Until That Point Guilt And Depression And Hopelessness, Pleagued My Life,Nothing I Ever Did Seemed Good Enough,I Did Every Thing I Knew To Do To Have Victory And Deliverance,I Would Bind And Loose, And Confess Scripture After Scripture, I Tried To Control My Thought Life, But It Only Got Worse, I Never Was Able To Measure Up, But God Revealed Unto Me, That We Are Not Sanctified By Our Own Works, But Hebrews 10:10 Declares We Are Sanctified By What Jesus Has Done For Us On The Cross, And That Alone, And That Changed My Life And My Walk With God Has Since Been Stronger, And More Victorious In Every Facit Of My Life, The Cross Of Jesus Christ Work’s, It Saved My Life- Bro.Chris Tanner !!!!!!