” Almost ” – Evangelist, Chris Tanner !!!

In The Book Of Acts Chapter 26, We See A Very Sad Senario, The Apostle Paul Is Standing Before King Agrippa, And Your Bible Records As Paul Is Preaching The Gospel To The King, That God Was At Work On This Wicked King, A King Who Was known For His Sin, From A Family Of Wicked Rulers, A Traitor Of His Own People, But Yet God Through The Testimony Of The Apostle Paul Is Reaching Out Still To This King “Agrippa”, And Your Bible Says As The Apostle Is Declaring The Testimony Of The Lord, He Asked The King This Question, In Acts 26:27 -“King Agrippa Believest Thou The Prophets ? ” . In Other Words Do You Believe King, What They Prophesied Concerning The Coming Redeemer And Saviour Of The World ? And In Acts 26:28 Your Bible Says King Agrippa Uttered Some Of The Saddest Words A Man Or A Woman Could Ever Say, He Said These Words Your Bible Declares ” Verse 28- ” Paul Thou “ALMOST” Persuadest Me To Be A Christian”. ALMOST, ALMOST, Now We Would Look At This Wicked King And Say Well Now Thats Pretty Good, He Almost Came To Jesus, He Almost Bowed His Knee To Christ, He Almost Surrrendered, No Doubt The Spirit Of God Was At Work Convicting Him, Reaching Out In Love, Even To This Wicked King, And The Holy Spirits Heart Was Yearning To Save Him, No Doubt, But When It Came To The Choice , King AGRIPPA, ALMOST Chose Jesus,For A Moment In Time He Tiltered Between Saying Yes Or No To The Lord, A Moment He Would No Doubt Replay In His Mind For Eternity, What If I Had Said Yes When I Had That Chance ? Oh What I Wouldnt Give To Have That Oppritunity All Over Again, But ALMOST, ALMOST, HE ALMOST CHOSE JESUS, HE HAD THE CHANCE, THE OPPRITUNITY, THAT WAS HIS TIME TO DECIDE, AND HE ALMOST MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, BUT IN THE END HE DIDNT CHOOSE JESUS, HE CHOSE TO REJECT THE TENDER VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, BUT ALMOST, ALMOST, But With God Brothers And Sisters ALMOST Is The Most Dangerous Place To Be, To ALMOST Be Saved, Is The Same As To ALMOST Not Drowned, But You Still Drowned, To ALMOST Be Found, Is To Still Be Lost, Oh Brothers And Sisters Some One Here Tonight Is In ALMOST, Please Chose Jesus, Dont ALMOST Surrender, Or ALMOST Be A Christian, Or ALMOST COME TO THIS ALTAR AND KNEEL, But Make Up Your Mind To Accept Jesus, Dont You Need Him Tonight, Aren’t You Tired Of The Sin And The Guilt, Be Washed And Be Clean And Free Tonight In Jesus Name, Dont ALMOST Be Rescued, But Surrender To Gods Searching Party, To His Convicting Voice In Jesus Name, There Will Be Soooo MANY IN HELL WHO “ALMOST” Said Yes To Jesus, Dont Be One Of Them, Decide To Decide To Follow Jesus, Amen, Every One Come To This Altar Tonight In Jesus Name. – Taken From A Message Preached By Bro.CHRIS TANNER March 12th 2008 Central Park Topeka, Ks !!!!!