Guard the Truth

2 Timothy 1:13

13     Hold fast the form of sound words (forms the correct Doctrine, which is “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified), which you have heard of me (refers to the fact that the Lord gave Paul the meaning and understanding of the New Covenant, which is the Cross [Gal. 1:11–12]), in Faith and Love which is in Christ Jesus. (Anytime Paul uses the phrase, “in Christ Jesus” or one of its derivatives, without exception, he is speaking of what Christ did at the Cross.)



Swaggart, Jimmy: The Expositor’s Study Bible. Baton Rouge, LA : World Evangelism Press, 2005, S. 2107


We are living in a time when many Christians appear to lack strong, definitive theological convictions…

In fact, if you hold firmly to pure and strong doctrine, many people will say that you are unloving and antagonistic.

Doctrine has almost become a dirty word in the times we are living in. The founder of TBN calls doctrine “doodoo”.

But we see from our opening verse that true love and true faith will concern itself with proper doctrine, the foundation of which must be Christ and Him Crucified.

One reason that sound, strong doctrine is ridiculed today is that much (if not most) of today’s preaching is shallow and many people have been lulled into a sleepy spiritual complacency…. Many prefer to hear feel good sermonettes and attend prosperity seminars rather than sitting under sound doctrine.


Sad to say, many churches, seminaries, colleges, and professing Christians have defected from biblical truth. So few today understand the great tenets of the Christian faith like Justification and Sanctification by faith; Glorification; the incarnation and Virgin birth of Christ; the baptism in the Holy Spirit; the proper roles for fasting and prayer; etc.. I could name many more but the reader gets the idea… And fewer still can articulate what they believe because most do not know what they believe and do not know what the Bible teaches. All that many do is study their favorite verses and spiritualize everything….


Guarding the Word is the most solemn responsibility we have. But fewer and fewer these days are taking that responsibility seriously. And those who do develop strong doctrinal convictions must be prepared for the inevitable times of conflict that will arise when defending truth.


1 Timothy 6:20-21

20     O Timothy, keep that which is committed to your trust (refers to the deposit of Truth delivered to him; actually, it would be the entirety of the New Covenant as it was given to Paul; what a responsibility!), avoiding profane and vain babblings (pertains to that which is devoid of Godliness, and empty of content), and oppositions of science falsely so called (should have been translated, “and oppositions of knowledge falsely so-called,” and speaks of the Gnostics):

21     Which some professing have erred concerning the Faith (have turned away from Christ and the Cross). Grace be with you. Amen. (Grace will always be with the Believer who places his Faith exclusively in Christ and His Finished Work.)




Swaggart, Jimmy: The Expositor’s Study Bible. Baton Rouge, LA : World Evangelism Press, 2005, S. 2105



2 Timothy 1:14

14     That good thing which was committed unto you (presents in such simple words the single most important thing in the world, the Gospel of Jesus Christ) keep by the Holy Spirit (has the help of the Holy Spirit respecting the purity of the Message) which dwells in us. (He is constantly present and, therefore, constantly available!)





Swaggart, Jimmy: The Expositor’s Study Bible. Baton Rouge, LA : World Evangelism Press, 2005, S. 2107



In 2 Tim. 1:14, the Greek word translated “keep” means “to keep safe; preserve from corruption or destruction.”

The phrase “That good thing” could also be translated “treasure”  and refers to the truth as brought forth in the Word of God.


It is the Holy Spirit within the believer, that will help us in keeping and guarding the truth of the Word of God and keeping our doctrine pure, if we will put our faith in the finished work of Christ upon the cross and keep it there…


Guarding and accurately representing the Word of God (which is the message of the Cross) and all sound doctrine therein, is the primary task of every believer…….


Ephesians 4:15 tells us that speaking the truth in love helps us all grow up in Christ…. We should not have a loveless, cold, insensitive orthodoxy. Instead we are to be sensitive yet uncompromising……..