Many Travel To Israel, And Look Over The Holy Sites And Say This Is Where Such And Such Happened, They Will Look At A Rock And Say This Was The Rock Moses Smote In The Wilderness, Or They Will Look At An Ancient Road In Jerusalem And Say Jesus Once Walked Here, And There Is Nothing Wrong With That, And Many Think If They Can Just Get To Israel Than The Scriptures Will Be More Alive To Them, Because They Will See Some Thing For Themselves, Maybe They Will See A Bush On Fire Or Hear A Voice, And There Is Nothing Wrong With That Either, But When We Just Study And Live By God’s Word In Faith, Embracing Christ Jesus And His Work Upon The Cross With All Our Hearts,And Then Putting That Word To Work In Our Hearts And Our Lives, Stepping Out On The Promises Of God In Faith, Then We Are Walking By Faith In The Happenings Of The Word Of God, ThenThe Day’s Of The Bible, We Like Ezekiel Through Revelation, Walk In Faith Upon The Spiritual Mountains Of Ancient Israel, We Then See In Our Lives, Christ Jesus Multiplying The Living Bread To The Hungry,We See The Captives Receive Their Freedom And The Deliverances, We Are Living The Word Of God, Because The Word Of God Is Living In Us Amen, It Is Not A Feeling Of Power, It Is A Faith And Knowledge Of Him That Is Power In Our Lives. That Will Then Work Through Us, Bringing Glory To Jesus Christ, We Are Not Just Spectators When We Study The Bible, By Faith We Journey Through The Holy Sites, We Relive Each Day The Ministry Of Jesus Christ, He Is Still Alive In Us, And Working And Living Through Us, We See Then Day By Day As We Look Through The Eyes Of Faith, We See The Manna Fall, The Rivers Flow, The Red Sea’s Part, Like David We Face Goliath’s And We See Them Fall One By One, By The Miracle Working Power Of God, Through The Holy Name Of Jesus Christ, We Like The Disciples And The Apostles Of The Bible, See The Impossible Become Possible, We See The Stilling And Calming Of The Winds And The Sea’s As The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Goes Forth In Spirit And In Truth, Amen, We Are Living His Word By Faith, We Are Living Those Happenings, We Are Not Just Reading About Them, By Faith We Are To Experience The Word Of God, In Our Day To Day Lives, BYFaith, Because By Faith, His Word Lives In Us,St.John 15:7, Jesus Said These Words To Us,Kjv-“If Ye Abide In Me, And My Words Abide In You, Ye Shall Ask What You Will And It Shall Be Done Unto You !” Gods Promise, But His Word Must Abide In Us By Faith, And In St.John 17:8 Jesus Said These Words Also, Praying To The Father, Kjv-“For I Have Given Unto Them The Words Which Thou Gavest Me, And They HAVE RECEIVED THEM, And Have KNOWN Surely That I Came Out From Thee And They Have Believed Thou Hast Sent Me !” By Faith We Receive, And Live The Knowledge We Have Of Him, And We Have This Promise In The Book Of Daniel 11:32 Kjv-” But The People That Do KNOW Their GOD Shall Be Strong And DO Exploits !” We Live The Bible Now By Faith, Because The Bible Is Alive In Us, By Faith, Amen   -Chris Tanner, Copyright 2008, From The Commentary On Ephesians By Chris Tanner 2008 !!!!!