We Have In The Modern Church Today, Two Camps, We Are Made Up Of Cliques, Clubs, We Have Our Favorite Preachers, Teachers, Ministries, And While We May Not Be Catholic, We Have “Our Popes”, The Ministers We Like And We Follow, Most If Not All Of The Major T.V Ministries Are Selling Their Products, Books, Bibles, Pieces Of Clothe, Sermons, Even Anointed Water And Prayer Flowers Hand Picked Out Of The Garden Of Gethsemene, They Will Sell Their Music Cd’s, And Do Their Best To Raise Money, I Understand It Cost To Proclaim Gods Gospel Around The World, Just What I Have Done Tent Meetings, Radio Broadcast In Times Past, Cost Alot. But We Have Sooooo Commercialized The Gospel, Until Its No Longer Portrayed As That Heart Felt Relationship With Almighty God, And It Is No Secret That The Love, The Anointing And The Power The Church Of Jesus Christ Had At One Time, Is Missing, The Church Used To Be The Power House, Used To Be , If A Person Got Sick You Rushed Them To The Church, Not The Hospital, And They Would Be Healed, Prayer Wasnt Just Some Thing The Saints Occassionaly Did, It Was Their Way Of Life, Prayer And Dedication To God, And To Their Fellow Saints, The Saints Used To Love Each Other, Support Each Other, Care For Each Other, If One Member Was Hurting Or Sick, The Rest Of The Members Would All Pull Together And Help The Hurting Member, If They Were Sick, They Would Pray With Them And Nurse Them Back To Health, The Church Was Truly A Family Of Love, Built On The Words Of Our Precious Jesus, ” Love One Another ,As I Have Loved You” There Was A Sensitivity Towards The Sufferings Of Our Brothers And Our Sisters, And Brotherhood Was Not Based On The Color Of Skin, Or What Kind Of Car You Drove, Or On What You Did To Win Others Aproval, Brotherhood Was A Common Faith, A Common Knowledge And Love For The Lord Jesus Christ, And That Love Would Flow To All Others, Your Bible Says “Faith Worketh By Love” So Where There Is No Love, There Is No Faith, And Where There Is No Faith, There Is No Victory And Power, There Is No Revival, No Refreshing, No Compassion=No Healing. “Jesus Being Moved With Compassion Healed The Multitudes” If We Are Going To Preach The Truth, We Then Have The Obligation Before God To Live The Truth, And A Saint Who Does Not Love Like Christ Jesus Loved , Is Not Walking In The Truth, No Matter How Much Truth They Claim To Preach Or How Biblical And Scriptural Their Doctrine May Be, Jesus Does Not Hold Grudges, Simon Peter Was Forgiven And Welcomed To The Dinner On The Shore, He Was The Spokesmen Of Pentecost, But Yet Tongue Talking Preachers And Teachers And Those Who Claim Christ, Will Hold A Grudge Against Those, They Had A Disagreement With, First Of All We Must Live The Gospel First, Before We Are Fit To Preach It To Others, No Wonder We Lack Revival And Power And Results In Our Churches Today, We Have Good Slogans And Motos, But No Power, We’ve Been Ewwwed And Awwwwed To Death, With Eligant Words And Speeeches And Gimmicks, But Where Are The Shadows That Are Healing The Sick Today ? And Where Are Those Caring For The Souls Of Their Brothers And Sisters, And Of Their Fellow Men-Bro.Chris Tanner !!!!