In Genesis Chapter 13, We see a contrast in the lives of Abram (Abraham) and his Nephew Lot. We Will See One Is Being Led By God And One Is Being Led By Self or Flesh. We Will See The End Result Of Each Choice. To Be Led By God or To Be Led By Self. We Will Begin In Genesis 13:3 Which Reads Like This KJV -” And He (Abram,Abraham) Went on His Journey’s From The South Even To Bethel, Unto The Place Where His Tent Had Been At The Beginning, Between Bethel And Hai.” =,Abram Or Abraham As He Will Later Be Called By God, Is On A Journey Of Faith, A Journey That God Called Him To, To Leave His Kindred And His Country And To Journey To The Land Of His Inheritance, A Land Prepared By God.

Brother And Sister It Is The Same For Us Today. We As Believers On The Lord Jesus Christ. As Christian’s Have Been Called Out From Our Past And Everything We Knew. Called Out From Sin And The World, To Walk In A Journey Of Faith.

Sometimes The Road Is Hard And Long. It Is Not Alway’s Easy. There Are Bumps In The Road, Set Back’s, Failures, & Hurts At Times, Disappointments, But It Leads To The Promised Land. Keep On Your Journey For The Lord, Amen. And Abram Was Being Led By God, His Steps Were Ordered Or Ordained Of God. He Would Follow The Voice Of God Speaking To His Heart. The Whispers Of Faith In His Soul.

In The Next Verse Genesis 13:4 Your Bible Records These Word’s About This Leading Of God And Journey Of Faith, Abram Came To A Place Your Bible Says, Genesis 13:4 KJV-” Unto The Place Of The Altar, Which He Had Made There At The First, And There Abram Called On The Name Of The Lord !”.

Abram Returned To The Altar He First Built. (The Cross Of Jesus Christ And The Communion And Fellowship With God That Comes Through That Cross). He Was A Man Of Prayer, A Man Of Faith, He Would At Times Stumble, At Times He Would Mess Up And Miss The Mark, But You Could Alway’s Find Him Coming Back To The Altar (The Cross). He Would Alway’s Call Upon The Name Of The Lord. He Would Seek The Holy And Mighty Face Of God. He Would Once Again Reach Out To Him. He Would Reach Past The Hurt’s, The Failure’s, The Disappointments, The Pain’s, The Fear’s, And He Would Cast All His Care, Love And Affection Upon The Lord.

Brothers And Sisters This Is What We Must Do As well. If We Want To Be Led By The Lord In Our Day To Day Lives, We Can’t Wallow In Despair, In Our Failures, In Our Disappointments. We Must Come And Humble Ourselves At The Foot Of The Cross, So That God Can Lead Us And Continue To Raise Us Up In Him 1 Peter 5:6-8.

Bro.Chris Tanner Copyright 2011 !!!!