The Doing Has Done Been Did at Calvary!
by Mary Ann Paxton-Brock

This is great news my friends and should have you shoutin’! The doing has done been did at Calvary — now it is simply a matter of faith. That is what is required of us – to have faith, to believe. (John 3:16). Everything we have need of Christ has taken care of on the Cross. Our flesh, our sinful nature desires to and has need of finding resolution to our own problems. (Romans 7). The need to do so has been embedded within us since the fall of man. When man fell we took on a role which God never intended for us to take. We instantly became seperated from our Creator; God. Part of this role is that we desire to do something to get something. Our flesh never does anything unless it gets something in return. There is no good thing within us without Christ. (Romans 7). Now some would argue this point with me. I have heard many say, “I don’t do things to get something! I’m a good person. I enjoy helping others.” Without Christ our flesh is in control and never does anything without seeking to get something in return. It may be recognition, it may be love, it may be to obtain friends etc, etc. How many of you work? Now how many of you would do it for free? How many of you go grocery shopping? Now how many of you give your money to the cashier and leave empty handed? We all expect certain end results. Aren’t you glad today that God does not expect anything from us except to believe? To just believe. Due to the fall we have left our reliance on God and placed that reliance on self. Our flesh not only attempts to resolve our problems – it actually desires to do so. Our flesh will always be in opposition to God. (Galations 5:17). Sin has brought to man a desire to not need God. Many of us spend the majority of our lives trying to do everything on our own only to fail time after time after time.

Once we realize our need for a Savior we still rely on our flesh. We think we can do something to earn our salvation. We hear the world say, “There must be another way to God”. No, there is only one way and that way is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ at Calvary! He suffered a horrible death, the death of a criminal so that you and I could be set free from the bondage of sin and death. And if you were the only person on the planet He still would have went to the Cross just for you! THAT is our precious, loving Savior! We then think we can earn our righteousness by being good enough. There is nothing good within us – we can never be “good enough”. Our flesh is always saying “do, do, do” while the Holy Spirit is saying “believe, believe, believe”. Once we are Born Again we quickly realize a battle is going on – one we never expereinced before. It is a battle between our flesh and our spirit. Our first reaction – even after being Born Again because we are still in fact human – is to think we can overcome our flesh through “doing”. Doing what? Well, you fill in the blank………………………….. reading your Bible more, praying more, fasting more, praying 3 hours a day instead of 2 etc, etc, etc. We find ourselves doing more, more, more until we are overcome by exhaustion with no peace and no joy. Is this the will of God? Far from it my friends, far from it. If this is where you find yourself today then let me say it again; the doing has done been did at Calvary! Now simply believe. Yes, it is that simple! God does not want us to be His little circus monkeys jumping through one hoop after another. No, no, no. Simple faith is what is required. Simple, childlike faith. Do you believe in what Christ did for you at the Cross? Do you believe that was enough? Once you do you will experience true peace and joy. You will also receive the revelation of what the Cross truely means. It is far more than a tree, a wooden beam. The Cross is everything! It is eternal life. God’s love for you is so very great. He sent His very own Son to die in your place so you could regain what sin stole – a right relationship with God our Father. When Jesus died on the Cross we died In Him! Think about that! (Romans 6). When we believe and place our faith In Christ God views us as having died with Christ! That is good news! Now, here’s some gooder news (as my daughter would say). When Christ rose again we rose with Him in newness of life! We still have a sin nature but are now equipped to obtain victory over it! How? Believe. Place your faith daily in what Christ did for you at the Cross! It was enough! That should give you a sense of freedom you have never felt before! Now hear me – put on your listening ears — There is not one thing you can do that the Son of God was not able to do! It is finished and it was enough! Glory to God! We died, we rose and we are seated In Him at the right hand of our Father! As believers we feel a sense of unbelonging here. And we should! We don’t belong here – we belong in Heaven and soon, yes, very soon we will go there and see our King and spend all of Eternity In His presence!