Many people have been emailing and asking about the Bible versions I use in my study times and message preparation. I will do my best to answer that for you here. Please understand that I simply do not have time in the day to personally answer each email and I do apologize. Also please understand that my list here can be considered incomplete. I will deal here briefly with my most used versions and study tools.

I prefer to use a word for word translation in my study. For that reason, among others, I really like the KJV Bible. I also use the KJV Expositors Study Bible. I find both of these very valuable in my walk with Lord and could not do without them.

Before I list other versions that I do use let me state that I do not look at various versions due to a lack of understanding as it regards the KJV. With a little study and good Bible dictionaries, it is my belief that anyone could use and learn from the KJV.

I also use the following word for word translations in my study and sometimes I will preach from them.

1- NASB Hebrew, Greek Key Word Study Bible

2- ESV Study Bible

3- Various NKJV Editions

As I said this listing is not intended to be complete. But these are the most valuable to my life and study.

In addition, I also like Youngs, and Wuests translations.

Many of my KJV Bibles are Scofield and I also have a Ryrie.

As far as study tools go; there are too many to list but I will try and name a few.

I enjoy the Kenneth Wuest set of word studies as well as Spiros Zodhaites dictionaries from AMG.

I like my Adam Clarke commentary as well as Jon Coursons Application commentary; Everyman commentaries (now out of print) and commentaries by Jimmy Swaggart.

There are many reference works I read including many from the classic writers of the Reformation.

Again, this list is by no means complete. I am a voracious reader, reading anywhere from 60 to 125 books per year.

Hope this helps and again, sorry I can not respond to each one individually. Please realize the incompleteness of this list. I encourage diligent study on all topics and prefer for no one to limit themselves to a handful of sources. But with that said, it is so important that every Christian know the Word of God for themselves and maintain faith in the proper object (the Cross) so as to avoid deception.

God bless you friends.