a : having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand b : affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion relevant testimony> c : having social relevance

Today as I was mowing the lawn trying to beat the heat of the day I was reflecting upon a certain thought. ” What makes a ” relevant” church? Meditating upon this I began to ask the Lord for a little clarity, figuring that He is the Lord of the Church He would have more insight into it.:0)
First He had me think about the issues of the day at that time and how they pertain to us. Were people needing redemption? Yes! Was there sickness and disease? Yes! Were times difficult economically? Yes! Was government an issue? Certainly! Rome was in power and taxes were not easier then. Were there false religions and other idealologies being taught? Was there the influence of the culture and times? Definitely!
So pondering this I began to see that again ” nothing is new ” on this earth. We face the same things today that faced the early church. Then I simply asked the Lord – Okay if the conditions were the same – what was the difference that caused 3,000 to be saved in one day? I thought about was the ” message ” relevant for that hour? I thought about what has been going on in this hour we live in that has been heralded as making the ” Church ” relevant. Here are a few of my observations that you may or may not agree with. I think the key may be found in this verse:

Acts 4:13 (AMP)
13 Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter and John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the schools [common men with no educational advantages], they marveled; and they recognized that they had been with Jesus.

What is the key ? > ” They had been with Jesus ”
Making the “Church” relevant in this hour I feel is not : acting like the world, dressing like the world, smelling like the world, with an all inclusive attitude of compromise. It is not a watering down of the “Gospel” to a mere enjoyable pablum to try to make it acceptable to a society that sneers in the face of God. A gospel without the ” Cross” or the “blood” or that wants to tickle the ears of the people in a vain attempt to try to make it “appealing ” to the masses. Trying to run the Church in a way that appeals to the minds and appetites of the people. Letting the culture drive the “church” instead of the “church” impacting the culture. In a pleasure driven and entertain me society we have been so controlled by an attitude of compromise and lets not offend anyone mentality that we have become anemic in conqueroring the darkness.
So I believe again the key is – ” they had been with Jesus” When once again from the pulpits rings out sound doctrine and truth spoken by men or women in an uncompromising message that comes from being in the presence of God- messages that speak of mercy, love, forgiveness, grace- yet dare to speak the whole counsel of God concerning holiness, honor, integrity, committment, discipleship. That once again declare the laying down of one”s life to follow Him no matter the cost – messages that declare the Lordship of Jesus – that does demand and challenge people to chase after a life that is pleasing to the Father in every area.
When once again men or women stand in the pulpit not as celebrities, or hirelings but come from the presence of God with a burning message from Him that compels them with the heart of a servant to declare it and see the needs of people being met. Not being driven by the pursuit of fame or building their kingdom but seek only to see the name of Jesus exalted in every way.Men and women empowered by the Spirit of God that flow in the Spirit with a sensitivity and compassion. Voices in this hour instead of mere parrots who seek to regurgitate some self help mumbo jumbo or their “too much pizza” dreams and visions. Give us men and women who burn with the compelling message of Jesus and His Lordship.

How do we make the Church ” RELEVANT “? Let those within the midst of it burn with a HOLY zeal and passion to see Jesus exalted in this hour and seek to live in pursuit of Him with an appetite that is ravenous. To come forth out of His presence with the anointing of God to break the chains of darkness , I believe when the world can look at us and say ” they have been with Jesus” we will be ” Relevant”
Just a thought – Be Blessed