Kansas Sunsett 4-5-11 !!!!!” The Sunset Of A New Beginning !”

We Will Be Looking And Addressing Act’s 7;23-25, And At The Failure Of Mose’s Attempt’s To Do Right In Delivering God’s People Out Of Egypt, Mose’s Here Has The Right Motive, He See’s God’s People Hurting, Suffering And In Cruel Bondage, He Is Then Left Upon Seeing Their Condition With A Sense That God Would Have Him Do Something About It, But What ? And How ? We Read In This Portion Of Scripture’s That In His Own Wisdom, Ability And Strength, He Soon Tries To Do The Right Thing, But In The Wrong Way, And Brother’s And Sister’s This Is What Many Of Christian’s Are Doing Today In The Body Of Christ, We Are Trying To Do Right, To Do God’s Will And His Work, To Bring Deliverance To The Captive’s And Sight To The Blind, But We Are Doing It At Times In The Wrong Way, We Are Going About In Our Own Strength And Effort’s, Gliding Off Our Own Ability And Wisdom, Even At Time’s The Wisdom Of Other’s, But Ultimately It Is On The Arm Of The Flesh That We Are Leaning ! And It Bring’s Failure, Hurt And Like Mose’s It Murder’s And Kill’s Spiritually And Physically, I Can’t Count How Many Egyptian’s I Have Killed (Time’s Of Personal And Spiritual Failure )Moses Failed And Wandered A Wilderness For Killing An Egyptian, I Have Had So Many Egyptian’s In My Closet At Times, Thing’s I Did To Kill Things, Hopes,Dream’s,Prophecie’s, Relationship’s, Blessing’s And Plan’s Of God, At Time’s I Have Failed Miserably In My Own Strength And Effort, Like Peter I Said To The Lord “Jesus” I Will Never Deny You, I Will Follow You Faithfully Even Unto The Death, But When I Heard The Cock Crow That Third Time, I Like Peter Would Weep Realizing How Badly I Had Failed Him, Myself And Others, I Was Left With Broken Dream’s And A Mess I Made Of The Life God Gave Me, Living By Our Own Strength And Abilities Is So Dangerous And Is The Trap Of The Enemy, And How Many Pastor’s Or Evangelist Are Sick In Their Bodie’s Due To Carrying A Spiritaul Burden In A Fleshly Way, Relying Upon Their Own Ability And Are Worn Down, Mose’s Kill’s A Man, And The Fleshly Effort Kill’s Also, It Will Kill Ministries, It Will Kill Walk’s With God, It Will Kill Church’s And Hopes And Dream’s And Families, Mose’s Soon Realize’s After Wandering Forty Years In The Back Of A Dry Desert, That His Strength And Wisdom And Ability Were Insufficent, Brother’s And Sister’s, This Is Where God Begin’s To Move, When We Have Come To The End Of Ourselve’s And We Have Failed, And Have Tried And Tried To Do Right In Our Own Ability And Wisdom And Strength, But Have Ended Up Doing Very Little Right And Killing Something’s In The Process, It Is Here Where We Realize Our Only Hope Is In Jesus Christ, In The Victory He Gave Us At The Cross, And Through The Power And Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit Can We Do What Need’s To Be Done, This Is The Ground Where God Begin’s To Move, A Land Called “Humility ” It Is Here God Bring’s Us, To Barren Place A Process Of Faith, Through A Wilderness Of Tears, But Yet He Will Not Leave Us Here, He Will Yet Move By His Spirit And By His Grace, If Will Humble Ourselves At The Foot Of The Cross, He Has Promised To Move Mightly In Our Live’s James 4:7-10, If You’ve Tried And Yet All You Have Ever Done Is Fail, It’s Not Over Just Look To The Cross, He Will Yet Exalt You To Victory, If All Your Effort’s Have Only Brought Hurt And Damage, He Can Restore All Thing’s And Make Them New, If You Feel You Have Failed So Much That There Is No Hope And You’ve Made Such A Mess It Could Never Be Fixed, I Bring You Good Gospel New’s He Is Able To Do Exceedingly And Abundantly Above What We Could Even Ask Or Think, Look To Jesus And The Blood He Has Shed At The Cross, Realize Without Him We Can Do Nothing, St.John 15;5 , But Through Him All Thing’s Are Possible Unto Them That Believe ! I Like What Winston Churchill Said, Your Failure Is Not Final, It’s The Courage To Continue That Count’s, Let Us Continue Not In Our Own Effort Or Ability, But In The Power Of The Cross Of Jesus Christ, Show Me The Place Where You Have Failed, And God Will Show You That Through His Cross, That Is The Very Place Where You Will Succeed !Past Or Present Failure That Brings Us To The Cross In Humility, Only Gives Place For Future Victory And Success, Where It Was First Thought Impossible !”” -Bro.Chris Tanner, (Failure And Victory !)Nov 2011 !!!!!