” The Church Since It’s Beginning And Through Out History Together With Fellow Brother’s Joined Hand In Hand By The Truth Of The Cross Of Jesus Christ, Clave To The Enduring Promise Of Salvation Through That Christ And His Atoning Work, They Stood Together On A Solid Rock And Foundation Of Principles And Ideal’s, The Truth Was Their Banner, The Blood Of Jesus Christ Set’s Men Free, They Moved The World, Shook It To The Core, Turned The Page’s Of History And Were Know As “These That Have Turned The World Upside Down !” If The Church Would Once Again Stand Firm On It’s Common Ground “Jesus Christ And Him Crucified”,Lay A Side All Personel Ambitions, Leave The Divisons And Dogmas Of Schim’s, Scism’s And Others Work’s Of Flesh And Man, And Would Once Again Be Anchored To The Principles And Ideal’s Of Truth And Justice Through The Blood Of God’s Lamb, United In A Common Faith And Bound Together In True And Godly Love, A Enduring Unity Of The Spirit As Brothers And Sisters, Beyond The Understanding Of Mere Men, I Believe That In This Generation A New Strength And Anointing Would Come As We Unify At The Cross And Through That Unity The Trends And Tide Of History Would Be Forever Changed Once Again ! Two Are Better Then One, And Three Fold Cord Is Not Easily Broken, It Is Time For A Unification Of The Common Faith, The Cross Of Jesus Christ Being The Common Ground Of All Brethern, The Enduring Rock Of Safety, The Shelter From The Storm’s Of Division, Lets Not In This Day Walk In The Pride Of Our Hearts, Arrogantly Holding The Truth, But Let Us In Patience And Love, With All Long Suffering Welcome Others To The Shelter And Protection Of The Cross, I Tell You What Satan Fears Most, Ezekiel Prophesied Of It, It Is When Bone Once Again Is Joined Together with Bone, And When Flesh Is Joined To Flesh And Signews Back To Fellow Signews, He Fears A Unified Church, United At The Foot Of The Cross, A Church, Or Better Said An Army Marching Through Land, And Like The Old Song Say’s Deliverance Is Their Song And Healing Is In Their Hand’s, Unified By The Truth That What They Had In Common The Being Cleansed From Sin By The Blood Of Jesus Christ, Was Alot More Powerful Then What Could Ever Divide Them, The Truth Of The Cross Is More Powerful Then Any Lie Satan Can Use To Divide God’s Elect,Let Us Be United Together In This Bond Of Truth, That What Unites Us (The Blood And Cross Of Jesus Christ) Is A Whole Lot Stronger Then Anything That Could Ever Divide Us, If We Would Lay A Side Our Ego’s And Our Pride And Join Hands With Our Brothers, And Embrace The Love We Are All Called To Share We Would Know True Faith And Power, What The Church Needs Now Is Not More Wars And Divisions, But A True Love And Enduring Patience With One Another, The Church Through Out History Even In Times Of Great Suffering And Poverty, Through The Message Of The Cross And The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Moved Cities, Communities And Town’s, Shook Nations And Turned A World On Its Hinges, They Brought Light Where There Was Only Darkness, Liberty And Freedom To Those Chained To The Cruelest Of Bondage (Sin), Brothers And Sisters This Is Our Time, Our Day Of Faith, Our Day To Believe God, Our Day To Unify And Truly Embrace The Cross, This Is Our Chance To Once Again Change History And Call A Generation Back To God, The Cross Is Our Common Ground, It Is Here We Can Stand, On Nothingless Then Jesus Christ And His Rightouesness, All Else Is Sinking Sand, And It Is Only Here Where We Can Stand, Stand Together Unified In (The Faith), As One Man Said Long Ago,” Give Me A Place To Stand And I Will Move The World !”-(Chris Tanner) Unity-2009.