In spite of the false innuendos: we go forward………..
by Pastor-Len Paxton on Monday, December 5, 2011 at 11:50pm

Leaving any particular church doesn’t always mean the person has left the Lord. Many fine, saved, Christians attend a variety of churches. No one has a corner on the salvation of souls except Jesus… Jesus is the only way to be saved… Beware of any church that accuses you of being lost or backslidden simply because you change churches……. There is truth where we are too… Those who automatically equate leaving a church or ministry with leaving the truth of Jesus and His Cross are to be avoided… Its dangerous.

True Pharisees: When they can’t shake you and break you, they feed you to the wolves and call you unsaved and on your way to hell…. IGNORE THEM…. Who is the one who tells believers they are not saved???? Satan….. Do not do his work for him nor imitate him…

God is still God and He is on the move calling out those who have a heart that hungers for Him, His presence, His voice and His victory. This last days holy army is one that is dedicated and diligent, devoted and fearless, haters of sin and compromise and passionate lovers of God. They are misunderstood and continuously misrepresented, but will never be mistaken for those who have a form of godliness, but lack any power. They are full of joy and looking to the reward of an eternity in the presence of God. They are mendicant to the things of this world, but are wealthy in the riches of His grace, mercy, love and forgiveness. They have an unwavering hope and steadfast faith to see the impossible manifested in the worst of times.

Do not allow in fighting among believers to steal your focus; your time; and your energy in the coming new year.. God wants us to be about the business of souls…….

Many things will happen in the world around us to divert our focus to circumstances around us.. Our faith challenge is to keep our focus on Christ and Him Crucified; knowing that He holds us in the palm of His hands… Its gonna be alright child of God… Trust Him…

We will be going into 2012 seeking His harvest…..