We Will Be Looking At The 37th Chapter Of The Book Of Ezekiel, God Sets The Prophet Down In A Valley Full Of Dried Bones, The Scene Would Have Been An Overwhelming And Bleek One, Every Where He Looked He Saw Nothing But Death And Hopelessness, He Saw What Had Once Been Much Life, But Now Was No Life At All, Bones And Bones Of Death And Hopelessness, And I Want To Deal With Ezekiel 37 And Verse’s 11-12, And In These Two Verses We Will See What God Can Do Even In The Most Hopeless Of Cases, In The Most Hopeless Of Lives, Verse 11 Reads These Word’s Kjv “Then He Said Unto Me, Son Of Man, These Bones Are The Whole House Of Israel, Behold, They Say ,Our Bones Are Dried, Our Hope Is Lost, We Are Cut Off From Our Parts, ” =, These Were The Opinions They Had About Themselves, About Their Situations And Circumstances, They Said “Our Hope Is Lost !” Maybe Thats How It Seems In Your Life Right Now, Everything Looks So Dark And Bleek, Hope Seems No Where To Be Found, As You Are Overwhelmed With The Feeling And Appearance Of Hopelessness In Your Life And Situation, But I Have Good Gospel News For You Today, In Verse’s 12-13 We See God’s Answer And Promise, His Ability And Willingness To Bring New Life To Dead Hopes And Dream’s, New Life To Dead Situations, In Verse 12 He Speak’s These Word’s To Ezekiel The Prophet, And To Us Today “Therefore Prophesy And Say Unto Them, Thus Saith The Lord God,, Behold O My People, I WILL OPEN YOUR GRAVES AND CAUSE YOU TO COME UP OUT OF YOUR GRAVES, And Bring You Into The Land Of Israel”=, No Matter How Sealed The Grave May Seem In Your Situation, God Is Goin To Open It, And Bring New Life And A Fresh Beginning To Your Life And The Situations That Have Seemed Hopeless For So Long, We Find In This Chapter That God Takes Those Old Dried And Hopeless Bones, That Seem Dead For So Long, And Ressurects And New And Mighty Army, God Is Raising Up An Anointed Gospel Preaching Army In These Last Day’s, And It Is Going To Be Made Up Of And Led By Those Who Saw His Power Manifested In The Hopeless Situations Of Their Lives, It Will Be Made Up Of Those Who Felt And Seemed Hopeless, But By God’s Power And Grace Through The Cross Of Jesus Christ Will Walk In Ressurection Power And Newness Of Life !Don’t Give Up, Hold On To Jesus, Resurrection Is On The Way, Cancel The Flowers Cause Your Not Going To Need A Funeral, Believe On Jesus And He Will Bring Unto You New Life , Be Blessed In Jesus Name !-Bro.Chris Tanner (2012)