Basicly Almost All My Life, The Book Of Ezekiel Was Probrally One Of The Most Interesting Books In The Bible To Me, I Remember Studying It In Apple Valley California While Staying With My Aunt For The Summer, I Was 18 And I Could’nt Stop Reading The Book Of Ezekiel, I Had Just Rediscovered The Power And Presence Of God As I Rededicated My Life At 17, After Wandering In A Wilderness Of Sin And Confusion, As God Though I Alway’s Knew He Existed And Was There Some Where, But Some How He Ceased To Be Real In My Heart,In My Teen  YearsI Would Go To Church’s Where There Was Just Dead Religion,It Seemed Like God Was No Longer At Work, I Found My Self Smoking Marijuanna And Drinking, In Love With The World, And Giving All My Life And Time To That World, Trying To Be A Musican, But At 18 After Coming Back To The Lord And Studying The Book Of Ezekiel, God Became Real To Me In Powerful Way’s, And As I Read I Was Fascinated By His Powerful Revelations And His Awesome Encounters With The Presence Of God, It Spoke To My Heart And Spirit In Such A Powerful Way, It Was What I Was Searching For In My Own Life And Walk With God, Since I Was A Boy I Have Prayed And Desired A Walk And Relationship With God, Like The Men In The Bible, When I Was 8 Years Old While Playing In My Grandmas Back Yard In Apple Valley,Ca, I Heard The Audible Voice Of God Calling My Name 3 Times, I Ran To My Grandma, And She Told Me The Story Of Samuel In The Bible, And When I Went Out To Play Again, I Heard The Lord Speak To Me And Say Christopher, One Day You Will Preach My Gospel To The Nations Of The World, I Never Will Forget It, And All During That Time I Had A Deep And Earnest Desire For The Presence Of God In My Life, To Exspirience The Power Of God As The Men And Women In The Bible Had, I Did’nt Desire To Be The Average Church Member, But I Wanted With All My Heart To Encounter God Every Day Of My Life, I Did’nt Just Want To Read The Stories In The Bible, But I Wanted To Live Them, I Would Spend Hours In My Grandma’s Back Yard Preaching To Aunt Hill’s And Weeds, I Went On My First Fast At Eleven Years Old, A 3 Day No Food Fast, I Preached My First Sermon During A Tent Revival One Night In Bangs Texas, At 11 Years Old, So When I Studied The Book Of Ezekiel And The Powerful Encounters Ezekiel Had With God, Every Thing In My Heart Leaped To Exspirience God Like That, When I Was A Young Boy, I Would See The Big Family Size Bible On My Grandma’s Coffee Table,( It Was Big And White) And It Had The Face Of Jesus On It !, And I just Knew That Everything I Needed Was In There, I knew The Answer’s To The Mysteries Of Life Were Written Inside, And In My Heart, I Just Knew I Could Find God Inside Of The Pages Of That Book, That Some How, If I Could Just Read It, I Could Find Him, And Greater Yet, I Would Exspirience Him ! And This Was A Deep And Longing Desire In My Young Heart ! (To Know Him )And When I Was 18 While In Study Of The Book Of Ezekiel, That Desire Was Rekindled, As I Read How In Chapter One, The Old Priest (Ezekiel) While Captive By The River Chebar, In A Dark Time In Life, Was Suddenly Called To An Higher Calling And Anointing To Know The Presence And Power Of God As Never Before,(He Was Suddenly Snatched Without Warning From The Ordinary, To Walk Out The Rest Of His Life In The Super Natural And In The Extra Ordinary) He Would See The Heaven’s Open And Behold The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of God, And In His Captivity And Despair, He Would Recieve A Calling To The Prophetic, To Speak A Greater Word, A Word That Would Shake Nations, Shape History And Bring Life To The Deadest Of Bones,(Situations-Circumstances) Hope To The Hopeless) He Would Exspirience God In His Captivity By The River Chebar In Such A Way, That His Life And The Lives Of Others Would Never Be The Same ! Brother’s And Sister’s Where Were You ? When God Called You To A Higher Calling Of Revelation ?, Where Were You When You Heard His Life Changing Call ? A Call That Would Change Everything About You? And Change Life As You Knew It Forever ? Maybe You Were Captive By The River Of Chebar ( The Bondage Of Sin ) Bound By Dead Religion !Or Trapped In A Situation That Makes No Sense, Maybe Your Captive In A Dungeon Of Despair And Hopelessness,Trapped By Personel Failure, But As I Read The Book Of Ezekiel, I Was Challenged To Seek God And Follow After Him In A Greater Way, Then Ever Before !Despite The Hopeless Place I Found My Self At The Moment, I Thirst For His Presence, I Know Now What Paul Meant , When He Said (To Know Him), God Is Calling His People To A Higher Call Of Ministry, To A Higher Place In Him, It Is A Place Called (True Releationship With The Lord Jesus Christ )And In That Place With Him, Is LIFE And Everything WE NEED !. -Chris Tanner 2011.