Hello my friends: Now that I have your attention – let me share a thought with you> Now in this great hour of enlightenment and great prophetic insight and knowledge I would like to offer a bit of insight if I may.
A wise man once said that our habits form our character. It is in the daily routines of life that habits are made. Our habits are key to our success. Habits therefore can come from discipline or lack of . Yes you are a creature of habit!
Now why am I talking of this? Well – in this hour we have many who are seeking to be used of God. They want to be greatly used and have keen spiritual insight. They want to climb mountains-  claim countries- cast  out every demon- tear down strongholds- kick the devil – etc etc etc. These are great and noble things.
However :
Remember it’s in the “little things” . In the military they teach you how they want the bed made- your socks folded- your trunk arranged. That’s a little thing! What has the folding of my socks got to do with the war and fighting the enemy. It’s discipline and order.
Now here is my point- until your ordered and disciplined your not ready. Some people want to be out there in the battle but they aren’t disciplined at home. I once had a great man of God tell me in Bible College (C.B. Anderson) “You will never be too anointed to use a broom and mop “. What I gasped? I learned then that it’s in the little things. Some want to be out tearing up the Kingdom of Darkness and they aren’t disciplined enough to take care of what God has entrusted them with. ( They are too “anointed” to clean their house, wash dishes, fold clothes, etc. )
Now here is my main point. I have noticed the habits of people in a new way lately. Especially this time of the year. PEOPLE ARE LAZY!. How do I know? Next time your shopping look around you. Someone left diapers in the hardware, milk left in the boy’s dept. Ladies wear is in Electronics and so forth and so forth. This is laziness.
Now I want to encourage you – don’t be lazy this year. Don’t be undisciplined! If your at the store and don’t need something. Put it back where it goes – sure it might take a few minutes but it’s right. Whether you realize it or not your creating more work for people because of being lazy. That’s right!! Don’t try to excuse it. If your not disciplined enough to do that your not ready for “front line” warfare. It is amazing to observe this – we as Christians must seek to excel in all areas. Would you like it if people came to your house and just pulled stuff out and left things everywhere?
So I hope this gives you some enlightment – to help you on your journey of life – If you can’t be disciplined enough to do the little things then don’t be concerned about warfare right now – you will probably get hurt. Have a wonderful day:0)