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  Click Link:  PLEASE HELP the children…. Here is our World Orphans page… Please consider sowing into our efforts for this great ministry,.. Len is doing a 5 mile walk in July as w…




Not much is really know about my 5th Great grandfather Thomas ‘Buffalo’ Paxton.  We do know he was born in 1719 in Ballymoney, County Antrim, Ulster Ireland and that he died in on the 2…

Source: Buffalo

The Earliest Background

John Paxton (1696-1746) was married to Elizabeth Alexander Paxton (1690-1756). These are my 6th Great Grandparents. Though records are very sparse, it is known they immigrated to Pennsylvania from …

Source: The Earliest Background

Source: Pre-Released review of Charles Bullingsley new album

Here is our new Partner page where you can see alot more about us. Our travels, events, and a way to connect with partners and friends. Len and Angie Paxton Ministry Connect:

Penniless Promoters

Gleaning For The World

Most people won’t read this whole article. Once you start talking about the poor, needy, & how we should help, too many people turn away. We have become numb to the true needs. Or we look and think it is too big, saying to ourselves “I can’t make a difference, so I won’t do anything.” Or “What can my dollar do? It’s not enough.”

I love the name of this Ministry, Gleaning For The World. Gleaning in the dictionary means to gather bit by bit, little by little, to gather after the reapers or regular gathers, or to gather what is left by reapers.

What they do is work with many generous corporate donors, they collect surplus medical & other essential supplies which they then, are able to distribute where humanitarian help is needed worldwide.

Their Mission is to share the love of God at home and around the world…

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Angie and I with 7eventh Time Down

This was taken at our event at Notre Dame University on Nov. 2-3, 2013

Angie and I with Carrollton

This was taken on our Event at Notre Dame University Nov. 2-3, 2013

Update Oct. 7


Hello everyone,

Due to the tremendous increase in my schedule it has been awhile since my last post.

Saw You at The Pole was totally awesome. 4 great Bands rocking out for Jesus and people praying in small groups all over the auditorium.. What a powerful event!!  This weekend, we will be with more great bands as on October 11 we travel to Calvin College for Tim Timmons and All sons and Daughters.. Then on October 12 and 13 we will be at the Lakeshore Vineyard Fellowship with The Neverclaim.  I will be preaching to an intercessors group in attendance at the college and making contacts for our upcoming revival season at both venues.


I am still working to get caught up on my new booklet on Prayer Precedes Revival and should have another excerpt for you shortly. It is truly a labor of love from my heart. Angie and I are somewhat connected with the Vineyard movement now as well as IHop, and it has been revolutionary in our hearts toward genuine revival.

One of my biggest struggles this past year are those who have dropped away. It caused a heaviness my heart until the Lord healed me of that.  Sometimes the biggest battle a true leader faces comes from within the camp; the stubborn and rebellious, the disengaged, those with a spirit of competition and indifference. But God has special folks He is raising up in these days who walk in overcoming power; march in rank, and fill the gaps created by others who, for whatever reason are prone to wander… So thankful for all the provision on every level that Father gives…. Preaching on this aspect of leadership next week.  May we all be thankful that the Lord loves us so much that He requires change from us before forward movement…..   Its easy for a preacher to know who is with them and who is not…… As Long as Jesus is… Thats all that matters!
It can also be a battle to move through the shadows of yesteryear. Today i got a clergy appreciation card from someone who said and did terrible things a couple years ago and instantly saw the chance at restoration. Its a good thing when Gods people can come back into true unity based on mutual respect. i was totally overwhelmed by this simple act of contrition.. Humbling.


My prayer as of late:  Dear Lord, Cause the Glory and Fame of Jesus Christ to become my greatest passion and pursuit.. Send revival Lord to make Jesus known throughout the earth and to fulfill your promises to exalt your Son.. (Eph 1:15-23; Col. 1:15-20)…


Angie and I love you all and will see you next time…