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This Bible is open to Mark 9:37, 38 refering to a harvest and needing workers.

Evangelist Chris Tanner -” The True Heart Of Evangelism, The Purpose, The Misson And The Vision Of The True Evangelist !Part 1 St.Luke 19:10 Kjv=” For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost. !’ < , Here We See The Misson Of The Earthly Ministry Of The Lord Jesus Christ ! He Said He Came To Seek Out And To Save Those That Were Lost ! He Searched For Those Who Were Astray, With The Earnest Intent To Save Them And To Reconcile Those That Had Been Lost Back To God, The Apostle Paul In Corinthians Calls This The Ministry Of Reconcilation,( The Heart Of Evangelism) Seeking And Saving The Lost, God's Heart Toward The Call And Ministry Purpose Of Evangelism Is Spoken To Us Loud And Clear In The Reflection Of The Ministry Of The Lord Jesus Christ, And This Scripture Luke 19;10, " Jesus Came TO SEEK OUT (Find, Look For, ) TO SAVE, SAVE, SAVE Those That Are Lost, The Purpose Of Evangelism Is Not To Build Up Church Programs, To Build Big Buildings, Or To Fill Coliseums, It Is Not To Fund Raise, IT Is For NO Other Reason, BUT TO SEEK OUT AND TO SAVE THE LOST, Most Of What We Call Evangelism Today Is Not True Biblical Or Scriptural Evangelism, We Evangelize The Church, No Where Has More Money And Effort Invested In It In What Is So Called Evangelism, Then What Is Known In America As The Bible Belt, And It Is Because Preachers Know They Will Gain Ministry Support In Those Areas,And Many Of Those Who Need To Be Reached, Go Un-Reached, Many Drug Addicts And Alcaholics, Those Who Are Most Desperate For The Gospel, Few Go To The Deserts Of Nevada, The Mountains Of ,Idaho,Wyoming, Montana, The Plains Of Kansas, But Most Evangelism Is In The Strong Holds Of Pentecostalism, Church's Boast Of Their Numbers In Such Areas,Pentecostal Denominations Have Their Head Qaurters In Such Places, But Truth Be Told The Church's In Those Areas Should Have Larger Crowds, 1000's In Those Areas, They Are Pentecostal Strong Holds, A Billon Churchs On Every Corner, But This Is Not Where Jesus Would Focus, He Would No Doubt Focus On The Least Evangelized People's, The Gaderenes, The Samaritans,He Rarely Visited The Religious Strong Hold Of Jerusalem, He Visited Only To Be Crucified And To Suffer, We See In His Life And Ministry The Pure Purposes Of Evangelism, The Call, The Vision And We Hear In Our Ears The Call, The Purpose And The Invitation To Recieve That Vision, To Gain New Vision For The Untouched Harvest Fields Of Humanity !- Evangelist Chris Tanner (2012)


I Want To Share My Thoughts On 1 Samuel 22:1-2, And How I Believe It Relates To Revival In America And The Nations Of The World ! Lets Read These Verses Together !
1″ David therefore departed thence, and escaped to the cave Adullam: and when his brethren and all his father’s house heard it, they went down thither to him”.
2″ And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented, gathered themselves unto him; and he became a captain over them: and there were with him about four hundred men “.=,Here We See David Serving Again As A Type And Shadow Of The Lord Jesus Christ, And We See That While He Is In The Wilderness Running For His Own Life, That All The Outcast’s Of The Society And The Church Of That Day Are Coming To Him, Beloved It Was The Same For The Precious Lord Jesus, The Sinful, The Weak And The Hopeless And Despised And Rejected Found Their Safety, Their Healing, Their Refuge, And Their Acceptance In Him And Through Him, Prostitutes, Gaderenes, The Poor, The Sick, The Lame, The Sinful, The Needy, The Rejected, The Weak, All Found A Friend, A Hope And Enduring Promise In Christ Jesus, When We Look At Those Jesus Chose To Follow Him, Those He Chose To Share His Gospel In Great Dunamis And Earth Shaking Power, They Were Not The Elite, Nor The Most Educated, They Were The Poor And Base, Weak And Despised Things Of This Earth, Poor Fisherman, Hated Tax Collectors, Not Welcomed In The Palaces Of Popularity, Nor The Synagogues Of Organized Religion, When We Look At John The Baptist Whose Ministry Shook The Nation, Brought Many To Repentance And Paved The Road To The Hope And Salvation Of Man, We See A Man Clothed In A Leather Girdle, He Dwelt Not In The Pearly Palaces Of Popularity, But In The Wilderness Of Rejection And Solitude, And I Believe That In This Generation, Like It Was In The Day Of Pentecost Revival Will Be Expirienced Not In The Mega Churches Of Formalism, Nor By Our Favorite T.V Preachers, Nor In The Hollywood Style Of Ministry Or What Is Called Ministry, But Is Mere Christian Entertainment, It Will Not Be Brought Forth By Outworn Slogan’s, Nor By The Gimmick’s And Fads Of Man And Flesh, But By Those Who In Discontentment, In Earnest And Undying Hunger Seek Refuge In Jesus Christ And His Cross, I Believe We Will See The End Of Denominationlism, As True Revival Cannot Be Contained In Four Wall’s, It Crosses The Lines Of Race And Age, It Looks Beyond A Viel Of Man Made Commandments And Traditions, I Truly Believe It Will Be The Outcast’s, The Rejected Of Society And Man Made Religion, That Will Expirience Revival In These Last Day’s As The True Message Of The Cross Of Jesus Christ Is Embraced, Remember In The Early 1900’s When The Revival Fires Of Pentecost First Visited America, It Was First Flamed Here In Topeka, By A Young Half Cocked Charles Parham Who Dared To Believe God And Embrace The Jesus Of The Bible, The Message And Faith Of The Apostles, He Met Opposition, But He Earnestly Cotended For The Faith And He Tred Against The Ever Changing Tides Of PopularityAnd Despite The Laughing And Mocking Of Others He Pressed On Any Way, And Thank God He Did, And It Was Then Flamed In Los Angelos By A Poor And Uneducated One Eyed Black Man, Who Believed That A Life Of Humility And Prayer Was Essential For Embracing The Power Of A Life Giving And Life Changing Cross, If History Is Any Indication, Then I Believe It Will Be The Discontented, The Poor, The Weak, And The Despised Of This Earth,The Hungry And The Hurting, That Will Once Again In Humility At The Foot Of The Cross And In A Brokeness Of Heart Will Expirience The Power And Revival Of Pentecost Once again !” (Chris Tanner) 2011.RevivaL.

It Was Here In 1901 Where Pentcostal Revival First Came To America Through The Ministry Of Charles F.Parham And His Message Of The Faith Of The Apostles !!!!!

The Man Forgotten By History, But If It Wasn’t For Him And His Ministry Here In Topeka, Ks, There Would Have Been No Holy Ghost Revival In America, It Was His Ministry That Influenced William J.Seymour, The Man Of Which I Speak,Is “Charles F. Parham” !!! I Live Just A Few Blocks From Where His Stones Folley Stood, At Times I Will Walk By The Old Site, A Pray And Say Jesus Do It Again-C.Tanner !!!

Basicly Almost All My Life, The Book Of Ezekiel Was Probrally One Of The Most Interesting Books In The Bible To Me, I Remember Studying It In Apple Valley California While Staying With My Aunt For The Summer, I Was 18 And I Could’nt Stop Reading The Book Of Ezekiel, I Had Just Rediscovered The Power And Presence Of God As I Rededicated My Life At 17, After Wandering In A Wilderness Of Sin And Confusion, As God Though I Alway’s Knew He Existed And Was There Some Where, But Some How He Ceased To Be Real In My Heart,In My Teen  YearsI Would Go To Church’s Where There Was Just Dead Religion,It Seemed Like God Was No Longer At Work, I Found My Self Smoking Marijuanna And Drinking, In Love With The World, And Giving All My Life And Time To That World, Trying To Be A Musican, But At 18 After Coming Back To The Lord And Studying The Book Of Ezekiel, God Became Real To Me In Powerful Way’s, And As I Read I Was Fascinated By His Powerful Revelations And His Awesome Encounters With The Presence Of God, It Spoke To My Heart And Spirit In Such A Powerful Way, It Was What I Was Searching For In My Own Life And Walk With God, Since I Was A Boy I Have Prayed And Desired A Walk And Relationship With God, Like The Men In The Bible, When I Was 8 Years Old While Playing In My Grandmas Back Yard In Apple Valley,Ca, I Heard The Audible Voice Of God Calling My Name 3 Times, I Ran To My Grandma, And She Told Me The Story Of Samuel In The Bible, And When I Went Out To Play Again, I Heard The Lord Speak To Me And Say Christopher, One Day You Will Preach My Gospel To The Nations Of The World, I Never Will Forget It, And All During That Time I Had A Deep And Earnest Desire For The Presence Of God In My Life, To Exspirience The Power Of God As The Men And Women In The Bible Had, I Did’nt Desire To Be The Average Church Member, But I Wanted With All My Heart To Encounter God Every Day Of My Life, I Did’nt Just Want To Read The Stories In The Bible, But I Wanted To Live Them, I Would Spend Hours In My Grandma’s Back Yard Preaching To Aunt Hill’s And Weeds, I Went On My First Fast At Eleven Years Old, A 3 Day No Food Fast, I Preached My First Sermon During A Tent Revival One Night In Bangs Texas, At 11 Years Old, So When I Studied The Book Of Ezekiel And The Powerful Encounters Ezekiel Had With God, Every Thing In My Heart Leaped To Exspirience God Like That, When I Was A Young Boy, I Would See The Big Family Size Bible On My Grandma’s Coffee Table,( It Was Big And White) And It Had The Face Of Jesus On It !, And I just Knew That Everything I Needed Was In There, I knew The Answer’s To The Mysteries Of Life Were Written Inside, And In My Heart, I Just Knew I Could Find God Inside Of The Pages Of That Book, That Some How, If I Could Just Read It, I Could Find Him, And Greater Yet, I Would Exspirience Him ! And This Was A Deep And Longing Desire In My Young Heart ! (To Know Him )And When I Was 18 While In Study Of The Book Of Ezekiel, That Desire Was Rekindled, As I Read How In Chapter One, The Old Priest (Ezekiel) While Captive By The River Chebar, In A Dark Time In Life, Was Suddenly Called To An Higher Calling And Anointing To Know The Presence And Power Of God As Never Before,(He Was Suddenly Snatched Without Warning From The Ordinary, To Walk Out The Rest Of His Life In The Super Natural And In The Extra Ordinary) He Would See The Heaven’s Open And Behold The Mysteries Of The Kingdom Of God, And In His Captivity And Despair, He Would Recieve A Calling To The Prophetic, To Speak A Greater Word, A Word That Would Shake Nations, Shape History And Bring Life To The Deadest Of Bones,(Situations-Circumstances) Hope To The Hopeless) He Would Exspirience God In His Captivity By The River Chebar In Such A Way, That His Life And The Lives Of Others Would Never Be The Same ! Brother’s And Sister’s Where Were You ? When God Called You To A Higher Calling Of Revelation ?, Where Were You When You Heard His Life Changing Call ? A Call That Would Change Everything About You? And Change Life As You Knew It Forever ? Maybe You Were Captive By The River Of Chebar ( The Bondage Of Sin ) Bound By Dead Religion !Or Trapped In A Situation That Makes No Sense, Maybe Your Captive In A Dungeon Of Despair And Hopelessness,Trapped By Personel Failure, But As I Read The Book Of Ezekiel, I Was Challenged To Seek God And Follow After Him In A Greater Way, Then Ever Before !Despite The Hopeless Place I Found My Self At The Moment, I Thirst For His Presence, I Know Now What Paul Meant , When He Said (To Know Him), God Is Calling His People To A Higher Call Of Ministry, To A Higher Place In Him, It Is A Place Called (True Releationship With The Lord Jesus Christ )And In That Place With Him, Is LIFE And Everything WE NEED !. -Chris Tanner 2011.

We Will Be Looking At The 37th Chapter Of The Book Of Ezekiel, God Sets The Prophet Down In A Valley Full Of Dried Bones, The Scene Would Have Been An Overwhelming And Bleek One, Every Where He Looked He Saw Nothing But Death And Hopelessness, He Saw What Had Once Been Much Life, But Now Was No Life At All, Bones And Bones Of Death And Hopelessness, And I Want To Deal With Ezekiel 37 And Verse’s 11-12, And In These Two Verses We Will See What God Can Do Even In The Most Hopeless Of Cases, In The Most Hopeless Of Lives, Verse 11 Reads These Word’s Kjv “Then He Said Unto Me, Son Of Man, These Bones Are The Whole House Of Israel, Behold, They Say ,Our Bones Are Dried, Our Hope Is Lost, We Are Cut Off From Our Parts, ” =, These Were The Opinions They Had About Themselves, About Their Situations And Circumstances, They Said “Our Hope Is Lost !” Maybe Thats How It Seems In Your Life Right Now, Everything Looks So Dark And Bleek, Hope Seems No Where To Be Found, As You Are Overwhelmed With The Feeling And Appearance Of Hopelessness In Your Life And Situation, But I Have Good Gospel News For You Today, In Verse’s 12-13 We See God’s Answer And Promise, His Ability And Willingness To Bring New Life To Dead Hopes And Dream’s, New Life To Dead Situations, In Verse 12 He Speak’s These Word’s To Ezekiel The Prophet, And To Us Today “Therefore Prophesy And Say Unto Them, Thus Saith The Lord God,, Behold O My People, I WILL OPEN YOUR GRAVES AND CAUSE YOU TO COME UP OUT OF YOUR GRAVES, And Bring You Into The Land Of Israel”=, No Matter How Sealed The Grave May Seem In Your Situation, God Is Goin To Open It, And Bring New Life And A Fresh Beginning To Your Life And The Situations That Have Seemed Hopeless For So Long, We Find In This Chapter That God Takes Those Old Dried And Hopeless Bones, That Seem Dead For So Long, And Ressurects And New And Mighty Army, God Is Raising Up An Anointed Gospel Preaching Army In These Last Day’s, And It Is Going To Be Made Up Of And Led By Those Who Saw His Power Manifested In The Hopeless Situations Of Their Lives, It Will Be Made Up Of Those Who Felt And Seemed Hopeless, But By God’s Power And Grace Through The Cross Of Jesus Christ Will Walk In Ressurection Power And Newness Of Life !Don’t Give Up, Hold On To Jesus, Resurrection Is On The Way, Cancel The Flowers Cause Your Not Going To Need A Funeral, Believe On Jesus And He Will Bring Unto You New Life , Be Blessed In Jesus Name !-Bro.Chris Tanner (2012)

” The Church Since It’s Beginning And Through Out History Together With Fellow Brother’s Joined Hand In Hand By The Truth Of The Cross Of Jesus Christ, Clave To The Enduring Promise Of Salvation Through That Christ And His Atoning Work, They Stood Together On A Solid Rock And Foundation Of Principles And Ideal’s, The Truth Was Their Banner, The Blood Of Jesus Christ Set’s Men Free, They Moved The World, Shook It To The Core, Turned The Page’s Of History And Were Know As “These That Have Turned The World Upside Down !” If The Church Would Once Again Stand Firm On It’s Common Ground “Jesus Christ And Him Crucified”,Lay A Side All Personel Ambitions, Leave The Divisons And Dogmas Of Schim’s, Scism’s And Others Work’s Of Flesh And Man, And Would Once Again Be Anchored To The Principles And Ideal’s Of Truth And Justice Through The Blood Of God’s Lamb, United In A Common Faith And Bound Together In True And Godly Love, A Enduring Unity Of The Spirit As Brothers And Sisters, Beyond The Understanding Of Mere Men, I Believe That In This Generation A New Strength And Anointing Would Come As We Unify At The Cross And Through That Unity The Trends And Tide Of History Would Be Forever Changed Once Again ! Two Are Better Then One, And Three Fold Cord Is Not Easily Broken, It Is Time For A Unification Of The Common Faith, The Cross Of Jesus Christ Being The Common Ground Of All Brethern, The Enduring Rock Of Safety, The Shelter From The Storm’s Of Division, Lets Not In This Day Walk In The Pride Of Our Hearts, Arrogantly Holding The Truth, But Let Us In Patience And Love, With All Long Suffering Welcome Others To The Shelter And Protection Of The Cross, I Tell You What Satan Fears Most, Ezekiel Prophesied Of It, It Is When Bone Once Again Is Joined Together with Bone, And When Flesh Is Joined To Flesh And Signews Back To Fellow Signews, He Fears A Unified Church, United At The Foot Of The Cross, A Church, Or Better Said An Army Marching Through Land, And Like The Old Song Say’s Deliverance Is Their Song And Healing Is In Their Hand’s, Unified By The Truth That What They Had In Common The Being Cleansed From Sin By The Blood Of Jesus Christ, Was Alot More Powerful Then What Could Ever Divide Them, The Truth Of The Cross Is More Powerful Then Any Lie Satan Can Use To Divide God’s Elect,Let Us Be United Together In This Bond Of Truth, That What Unites Us (The Blood And Cross Of Jesus Christ) Is A Whole Lot Stronger Then Anything That Could Ever Divide Us, If We Would Lay A Side Our Ego’s And Our Pride And Join Hands With Our Brothers, And Embrace The Love We Are All Called To Share We Would Know True Faith And Power, What The Church Needs Now Is Not More Wars And Divisions, But A True Love And Enduring Patience With One Another, The Church Through Out History Even In Times Of Great Suffering And Poverty, Through The Message Of The Cross And The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Moved Cities, Communities And Town’s, Shook Nations And Turned A World On Its Hinges, They Brought Light Where There Was Only Darkness, Liberty And Freedom To Those Chained To The Cruelest Of Bondage (Sin), Brothers And Sisters This Is Our Time, Our Day Of Faith, Our Day To Believe God, Our Day To Unify And Truly Embrace The Cross, This Is Our Chance To Once Again Change History And Call A Generation Back To God, The Cross Is Our Common Ground, It Is Here We Can Stand, On Nothingless Then Jesus Christ And His Rightouesness, All Else Is Sinking Sand, And It Is Only Here Where We Can Stand, Stand Together Unified In (The Faith), As One Man Said Long Ago,” Give Me A Place To Stand And I Will Move The World !”-(Chris Tanner) Unity-2009.

Kansas Sunsett 4-5-11 !!!!!” The Sunset Of A New Beginning !”

We Will Be Looking And Addressing Act’s 7;23-25, And At The Failure Of Mose’s Attempt’s To Do Right In Delivering God’s People Out Of Egypt, Mose’s Here Has The Right Motive, He See’s God’s People Hurting, Suffering And In Cruel Bondage, He Is Then Left Upon Seeing Their Condition With A Sense That God Would Have Him Do Something About It, But What ? And How ? We Read In This Portion Of Scripture’s That In His Own Wisdom, Ability And Strength, He Soon Tries To Do The Right Thing, But In The Wrong Way, And Brother’s And Sister’s This Is What Many Of Christian’s Are Doing Today In The Body Of Christ, We Are Trying To Do Right, To Do God’s Will And His Work, To Bring Deliverance To The Captive’s And Sight To The Blind, But We Are Doing It At Times In The Wrong Way, We Are Going About In Our Own Strength And Effort’s, Gliding Off Our Own Ability And Wisdom, Even At Time’s The Wisdom Of Other’s, But Ultimately It Is On The Arm Of The Flesh That We Are Leaning ! And It Bring’s Failure, Hurt And Like Mose’s It Murder’s And Kill’s Spiritually And Physically, I Can’t Count How Many Egyptian’s I Have Killed (Time’s Of Personal And Spiritual Failure )Moses Failed And Wandered A Wilderness For Killing An Egyptian, I Have Had So Many Egyptian’s In My Closet At Times, Thing’s I Did To Kill Things, Hopes,Dream’s,Prophecie’s, Relationship’s, Blessing’s And Plan’s Of God, At Time’s I Have Failed Miserably In My Own Strength And Effort, Like Peter I Said To The Lord “Jesus” I Will Never Deny You, I Will Follow You Faithfully Even Unto The Death, But When I Heard The Cock Crow That Third Time, I Like Peter Would Weep Realizing How Badly I Had Failed Him, Myself And Others, I Was Left With Broken Dream’s And A Mess I Made Of The Life God Gave Me, Living By Our Own Strength And Abilities Is So Dangerous And Is The Trap Of The Enemy, And How Many Pastor’s Or Evangelist Are Sick In Their Bodie’s Due To Carrying A Spiritaul Burden In A Fleshly Way, Relying Upon Their Own Ability And Are Worn Down, Mose’s Kill’s A Man, And The Fleshly Effort Kill’s Also, It Will Kill Ministries, It Will Kill Walk’s With God, It Will Kill Church’s And Hopes And Dream’s And Families, Mose’s Soon Realize’s After Wandering Forty Years In The Back Of A Dry Desert, That His Strength And Wisdom And Ability Were Insufficent, Brother’s And Sister’s, This Is Where God Begin’s To Move, When We Have Come To The End Of Ourselve’s And We Have Failed, And Have Tried And Tried To Do Right In Our Own Ability And Wisdom And Strength, But Have Ended Up Doing Very Little Right And Killing Something’s In The Process, It Is Here Where We Realize Our Only Hope Is In Jesus Christ, In The Victory He Gave Us At The Cross, And Through The Power And Wisdom Of The Holy Spirit Can We Do What Need’s To Be Done, This Is The Ground Where God Begin’s To Move, A Land Called “Humility ” It Is Here God Bring’s Us, To Barren Place A Process Of Faith, Through A Wilderness Of Tears, But Yet He Will Not Leave Us Here, He Will Yet Move By His Spirit And By His Grace, If Will Humble Ourselves At The Foot Of The Cross, He Has Promised To Move Mightly In Our Live’s James 4:7-10, If You’ve Tried And Yet All You Have Ever Done Is Fail, It’s Not Over Just Look To The Cross, He Will Yet Exalt You To Victory, If All Your Effort’s Have Only Brought Hurt And Damage, He Can Restore All Thing’s And Make Them New, If You Feel You Have Failed So Much That There Is No Hope And You’ve Made Such A Mess It Could Never Be Fixed, I Bring You Good Gospel New’s He Is Able To Do Exceedingly And Abundantly Above What We Could Even Ask Or Think, Look To Jesus And The Blood He Has Shed At The Cross, Realize Without Him We Can Do Nothing, St.John 15;5 , But Through Him All Thing’s Are Possible Unto Them That Believe ! I Like What Winston Churchill Said, Your Failure Is Not Final, It’s The Courage To Continue That Count’s, Let Us Continue Not In Our Own Effort Or Ability, But In The Power Of The Cross Of Jesus Christ, Show Me The Place Where You Have Failed, And God Will Show You That Through His Cross, That Is The Very Place Where You Will Succeed !Past Or Present Failure That Brings Us To The Cross In Humility, Only Gives Place For Future Victory And Success, Where It Was First Thought Impossible !”” -Bro.Chris Tanner, (Failure And Victory !)Nov 2011 !!!!!

In Genesis Chapter 13, We see a contrast in the lives of Abram (Abraham) and his Nephew Lot. We Will See One Is Being Led By God And One Is Being Led By Self or Flesh. We Will See The End Result Of Each Choice. To Be Led By God or To Be Led By Self. We Will Begin In Genesis 13:3 Which Reads Like This KJV -” And He (Abram,Abraham) Went on His Journey’s From The South Even To Bethel, Unto The Place Where His Tent Had Been At The Beginning, Between Bethel And Hai.” =,Abram Or Abraham As He Will Later Be Called By God, Is On A Journey Of Faith, A Journey That God Called Him To, To Leave His Kindred And His Country And To Journey To The Land Of His Inheritance, A Land Prepared By God.

Brother And Sister It Is The Same For Us Today. We As Believers On The Lord Jesus Christ. As Christian’s Have Been Called Out From Our Past And Everything We Knew. Called Out From Sin And The World, To Walk In A Journey Of Faith.

Sometimes The Road Is Hard And Long. It Is Not Alway’s Easy. There Are Bumps In The Road, Set Back’s, Failures, & Hurts At Times, Disappointments, But It Leads To The Promised Land. Keep On Your Journey For The Lord, Amen. And Abram Was Being Led By God, His Steps Were Ordered Or Ordained Of God. He Would Follow The Voice Of God Speaking To His Heart. The Whispers Of Faith In His Soul.

In The Next Verse Genesis 13:4 Your Bible Records These Word’s About This Leading Of God And Journey Of Faith, Abram Came To A Place Your Bible Says, Genesis 13:4 KJV-” Unto The Place Of The Altar, Which He Had Made There At The First, And There Abram Called On The Name Of The Lord !”.

Abram Returned To The Altar He First Built. (The Cross Of Jesus Christ And The Communion And Fellowship With God That Comes Through That Cross). He Was A Man Of Prayer, A Man Of Faith, He Would At Times Stumble, At Times He Would Mess Up And Miss The Mark, But You Could Alway’s Find Him Coming Back To The Altar (The Cross). He Would Alway’s Call Upon The Name Of The Lord. He Would Seek The Holy And Mighty Face Of God. He Would Once Again Reach Out To Him. He Would Reach Past The Hurt’s, The Failure’s, The Disappointments, The Pain’s, The Fear’s, And He Would Cast All His Care, Love And Affection Upon The Lord.

Brothers And Sisters This Is What We Must Do As well. If We Want To Be Led By The Lord In Our Day To Day Lives, We Can’t Wallow In Despair, In Our Failures, In Our Disappointments. We Must Come And Humble Ourselves At The Foot Of The Cross, So That God Can Lead Us And Continue To Raise Us Up In Him 1 Peter 5:6-8.

Bro.Chris Tanner Copyright 2011 !!!!

We Have In The Modern Church Today, Two Camps, We Are Made Up Of Cliques, Clubs, We Have Our Favorite Preachers, Teachers, Ministries, And While We May Not Be Catholic, We Have “Our Popes”, The Ministers We Like And We Follow, Most If Not All Of The Major T.V Ministries Are Selling Their Products, Books, Bibles, Pieces Of Clothe, Sermons, Even Anointed Water And Prayer Flowers Hand Picked Out Of The Garden Of Gethsemene, They Will Sell Their Music Cd’s, And Do Their Best To Raise Money, I Understand It Cost To Proclaim Gods Gospel Around The World, Just What I Have Done Tent Meetings, Radio Broadcast In Times Past, Cost Alot. But We Have Sooooo Commercialized The Gospel, Until Its No Longer Portrayed As That Heart Felt Relationship With Almighty God, And It Is No Secret That The Love, The Anointing And The Power The Church Of Jesus Christ Had At One Time, Is Missing, The Church Used To Be The Power House, Used To Be , If A Person Got Sick You Rushed Them To The Church, Not The Hospital, And They Would Be Healed, Prayer Wasnt Just Some Thing The Saints Occassionaly Did, It Was Their Way Of Life, Prayer And Dedication To God, And To Their Fellow Saints, The Saints Used To Love Each Other, Support Each Other, Care For Each Other, If One Member Was Hurting Or Sick, The Rest Of The Members Would All Pull Together And Help The Hurting Member, If They Were Sick, They Would Pray With Them And Nurse Them Back To Health, The Church Was Truly A Family Of Love, Built On The Words Of Our Precious Jesus, ” Love One Another ,As I Have Loved You” There Was A Sensitivity Towards The Sufferings Of Our Brothers And Our Sisters, And Brotherhood Was Not Based On The Color Of Skin, Or What Kind Of Car You Drove, Or On What You Did To Win Others Aproval, Brotherhood Was A Common Faith, A Common Knowledge And Love For The Lord Jesus Christ, And That Love Would Flow To All Others, Your Bible Says “Faith Worketh By Love” So Where There Is No Love, There Is No Faith, And Where There Is No Faith, There Is No Victory And Power, There Is No Revival, No Refreshing, No Compassion=No Healing. “Jesus Being Moved With Compassion Healed The Multitudes” If We Are Going To Preach The Truth, We Then Have The Obligation Before God To Live The Truth, And A Saint Who Does Not Love Like Christ Jesus Loved , Is Not Walking In The Truth, No Matter How Much Truth They Claim To Preach Or How Biblical And Scriptural Their Doctrine May Be, Jesus Does Not Hold Grudges, Simon Peter Was Forgiven And Welcomed To The Dinner On The Shore, He Was The Spokesmen Of Pentecost, But Yet Tongue Talking Preachers And Teachers And Those Who Claim Christ, Will Hold A Grudge Against Those, They Had A Disagreement With, First Of All We Must Live The Gospel First, Before We Are Fit To Preach It To Others, No Wonder We Lack Revival And Power And Results In Our Churches Today, We Have Good Slogans And Motos, But No Power, We’ve Been Ewwwed And Awwwwed To Death, With Eligant Words And Speeeches And Gimmicks, But Where Are The Shadows That Are Healing The Sick Today ? And Where Are Those Caring For The Souls Of Their Brothers And Sisters, And Of Their Fellow Men-Bro.Chris Tanner !!!!

Many Travel To Israel, And Look Over The Holy Sites And Say This Is Where Such And Such Happened, They Will Look At A Rock And Say This Was The Rock Moses Smote In The Wilderness, Or They Will Look At An Ancient Road In Jerusalem And Say Jesus Once Walked Here, And There Is Nothing Wrong With That, And Many Think If They Can Just Get To Israel Than The Scriptures Will Be More Alive To Them, Because They Will See Some Thing For Themselves, Maybe They Will See A Bush On Fire Or Hear A Voice, And There Is Nothing Wrong With That Either, But When We Just Study And Live By God’s Word In Faith, Embracing Christ Jesus And His Work Upon The Cross With All Our Hearts,And Then Putting That Word To Work In Our Hearts And Our Lives, Stepping Out On The Promises Of God In Faith, Then We Are Walking By Faith In The Happenings Of The Word Of God, ThenThe Day’s Of The Bible, We Like Ezekiel Through Revelation, Walk In Faith Upon The Spiritual Mountains Of Ancient Israel, We Then See In Our Lives, Christ Jesus Multiplying The Living Bread To The Hungry,We See The Captives Receive Their Freedom And The Deliverances, We Are Living The Word Of God, Because The Word Of God Is Living In Us Amen, It Is Not A Feeling Of Power, It Is A Faith And Knowledge Of Him That Is Power In Our Lives. That Will Then Work Through Us, Bringing Glory To Jesus Christ, We Are Not Just Spectators When We Study The Bible, By Faith We Journey Through The Holy Sites, We Relive Each Day The Ministry Of Jesus Christ, He Is Still Alive In Us, And Working And Living Through Us, We See Then Day By Day As We Look Through The Eyes Of Faith, We See The Manna Fall, The Rivers Flow, The Red Sea’s Part, Like David We Face Goliath’s And We See Them Fall One By One, By The Miracle Working Power Of God, Through The Holy Name Of Jesus Christ, We Like The Disciples And The Apostles Of The Bible, See The Impossible Become Possible, We See The Stilling And Calming Of The Winds And The Sea’s As The Gospel Of Jesus Christ Goes Forth In Spirit And In Truth, Amen, We Are Living His Word By Faith, We Are Living Those Happenings, We Are Not Just Reading About Them, By Faith We Are To Experience The Word Of God, In Our Day To Day Lives, BYFaith, Because By Faith, His Word Lives In Us,St.John 15:7, Jesus Said These Words To Us,Kjv-“If Ye Abide In Me, And My Words Abide In You, Ye Shall Ask What You Will And It Shall Be Done Unto You !” Gods Promise, But His Word Must Abide In Us By Faith, And In St.John 17:8 Jesus Said These Words Also, Praying To The Father, Kjv-“For I Have Given Unto Them The Words Which Thou Gavest Me, And They HAVE RECEIVED THEM, And Have KNOWN Surely That I Came Out From Thee And They Have Believed Thou Hast Sent Me !” By Faith We Receive, And Live The Knowledge We Have Of Him, And We Have This Promise In The Book Of Daniel 11:32 Kjv-” But The People That Do KNOW Their GOD Shall Be Strong And DO Exploits !” We Live The Bible Now By Faith, Because The Bible Is Alive In Us, By Faith, Amen   -Chris Tanner, Copyright 2008, From The Commentary On Ephesians By Chris Tanner 2008 !!!!!

” Almost ” – Evangelist, Chris Tanner !!!

In The Book Of Acts Chapter 26, We See A Very Sad Senario, The Apostle Paul Is Standing Before King Agrippa, And Your Bible Records As Paul Is Preaching The Gospel To The King, That God Was At Work On This Wicked King, A King Who Was known For His Sin, From A Family Of Wicked Rulers, A Traitor Of His Own People, But Yet God Through The Testimony Of The Apostle Paul Is Reaching Out Still To This King “Agrippa”, And Your Bible Says As The Apostle Is Declaring The Testimony Of The Lord, He Asked The King This Question, In Acts 26:27 -“King Agrippa Believest Thou The Prophets ? ” . In Other Words Do You Believe King, What They Prophesied Concerning The Coming Redeemer And Saviour Of The World ? And In Acts 26:28 Your Bible Says King Agrippa Uttered Some Of The Saddest Words A Man Or A Woman Could Ever Say, He Said These Words Your Bible Declares ” Verse 28- ” Paul Thou “ALMOST” Persuadest Me To Be A Christian”. ALMOST, ALMOST, Now We Would Look At This Wicked King And Say Well Now Thats Pretty Good, He Almost Came To Jesus, He Almost Bowed His Knee To Christ, He Almost Surrrendered, No Doubt The Spirit Of God Was At Work Convicting Him, Reaching Out In Love, Even To This Wicked King, And The Holy Spirits Heart Was Yearning To Save Him, No Doubt, But When It Came To The Choice , King AGRIPPA, ALMOST Chose Jesus,For A Moment In Time He Tiltered Between Saying Yes Or No To The Lord, A Moment He Would No Doubt Replay In His Mind For Eternity, What If I Had Said Yes When I Had That Chance ? Oh What I Wouldnt Give To Have That Oppritunity All Over Again, But ALMOST, ALMOST, HE ALMOST CHOSE JESUS, HE HAD THE CHANCE, THE OPPRITUNITY, THAT WAS HIS TIME TO DECIDE, AND HE ALMOST MADE THE RIGHT CHOICE, BUT IN THE END HE DIDNT CHOOSE JESUS, HE CHOSE TO REJECT THE TENDER VOICE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, BUT ALMOST, ALMOST, But With God Brothers And Sisters ALMOST Is The Most Dangerous Place To Be, To ALMOST Be Saved, Is The Same As To ALMOST Not Drowned, But You Still Drowned, To ALMOST Be Found, Is To Still Be Lost, Oh Brothers And Sisters Some One Here Tonight Is In ALMOST, Please Chose Jesus, Dont ALMOST Surrender, Or ALMOST Be A Christian, Or ALMOST COME TO THIS ALTAR AND KNEEL, But Make Up Your Mind To Accept Jesus, Dont You Need Him Tonight, Aren’t You Tired Of The Sin And The Guilt, Be Washed And Be Clean And Free Tonight In Jesus Name, Dont ALMOST Be Rescued, But Surrender To Gods Searching Party, To His Convicting Voice In Jesus Name, There Will Be Soooo MANY IN HELL WHO “ALMOST” Said Yes To Jesus, Dont Be One Of Them, Decide To Decide To Follow Jesus, Amen, Every One Come To This Altar Tonight In Jesus Name. – Taken From A Message Preached By Bro.CHRIS TANNER March 12th 2008 Central Park Topeka, Ks !!!!!